We are a family of designers, developers, marketers, social media experts and project managers with the common goal of making your web site, mobile app or social media campaign rock.


For over 12 years we have worked closely with all our clients, no matter how large or small, to carefully plan and implement hundreds of online initiatives.

Our Process



The discovery phase is when we sit down with our client and determine what exactly they want their web site, social media campaign or mobile app to accomplish. We ask questions, take notes and determine what existing assets the client already has that can be used for the new project. Upon completion of the discovery phase we will provide a project plan with a timeline, a site map and most importantly a precise cost for the overall project.



Within the project plan, the design phase is broken out into two distinct steps – wireframes and design. Wireframes are simply rough sketches of what the project might look like and are used to establish where content and artwork will be placed within the web site, mobile app or social media campaign. The second part of the design phase consists of turning the wireframes into an actual design.



Once the design phase is complete we move into the bulk of the project – the development phase. The development phase is when we take the items from the design phase and break them out into an actual web site or application. It is in this phase that all of the underlying code is also created.



Once development of your web site or application is complete we test it to make sure everything is working as specified in the project plan. For web sites, we run functionality tests using popular browsers and operating systems. For mobile applications, we provide downloadable simulator versions for view on a desktop. We can also provide a preview version of the mobile app for you to use on your own mobile device.



Once the testing phase is complete we are ready to launch. Some companies just push a button and send you a bill. Zorigo, LLC launches your application and then, if necessary, monitors it over the course of several weeks to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If it is a mobile app, we walk you through the process of submitting (and possibly re-submitting it) to the iTunes store and Google Play.



Most successful web sites, mobile apps and social media campaigns were not instant hits. They required review, analysis and tweaking before they were perfect. This is why we feel it is important to constantly monitor your application to see exactly how users are, well, using it.

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